‘Kiss and Ride’ stations to boost public transport use in Krakow (Poland)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
Drop-off points will make transferring between public transport and private vehicles simpler and easier in Poland’s second-largest city.
As the streets of Krakow (Poland) receive increasing numbers of cars, solutions need to be found to improve traffic flow and help passengers use other forms of transport more easily. For that reason, the city is developing ‘Kiss & Ride’ drop-off points that will allow users to transfer quickly and simply between cars and public transport.

The main railway station in Krakow will play host to the first such station, providing bays for car drivers to drop off and pick up passengers. They are designed for short stops of only a few minutes, allowing high turnover so that many people can use them throughout the day.

If successful, it is hoped that similar parking bays could be installed at tram stops across the city, to improve the traffic situation around public transportation interchanges throughout the network. Improvements to traffic waiting times, fewer traffic jams, and increased use of public transportation should follow.

For more information, click here (in Polish).

Photo: photobeppus, Flickr
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