Innovative SmartWalk system leads the way in the US

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
A system displaying many different city transport options is helping pedestrians from seven US cities to make informed choices on they get from A to B.
Modes of transport from buses, metros, car and bike-sharing services are combined together and displayed on screens in government buildings, educational institutions, communal areas in residential buildings and cafes and restaurants. The images on the screens are even projected onto pavements to give information to passers-by.

More and more urban dwellers in the US are choosing not to buy their own cars, preferring consistent access to transportation rather than ownership. Property developments in cities are reducing or eliminating space for vehicles in response to this.

Ryan Croft, one of the co-founders of TransitScreen, the developers of the system, said: 'We see this being the ubiquitous language of transportation in the city. It'd be a reliable and convenient way for people to understand what all of their options are, not just one single mode.'

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Photo: TransitScreen
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