Increasing residents' mobility through electric cars (Denmark)

By News Editor / Updated: 22 Jun 2017
Aarhus - electric car charging space

The municipal Housing Office in Aarhus has joined forces with car sharing company Tadaa! to offer rental electric cars to its tenants.

The scheme started in Autumn 2016, with 10 vehicles rolled out so far. Currently, 2,300 residents are able to use them. Through an app, they book in the timeslots in which they would like to use the vehicles.

Users pay a monthly subscription of 99 Danish Krone (DKK (13 euros), in addition to a fee for the number of kilometres they drive and the time they have the car.

It seems to makes economic sense for residents. Søren Rasmussen, a resident who uses the scheme, commented that he saves 4,000 DKK (540 euros) a month by not having a car. For 300 DKK (40 euros) a month,  the scheme fulfils all of his car-based mobility needs. He no longer uses his diesel car.

Like with Søren, the scheme has removed some residents' need for a second car, or indeed to have one at all. It also provides an affordable mobility option to demographics that are often unable to afford petrol or diesel cars, particularly young and older people.

"It benefits many of our residents. At the same time, we have fewer cars on the road, whilst more of the cars being driven are electric" says Morten Homann, the head of the Housing Office.

Costs for the housing association are low: Whilst it funds the necessary parking and charging facilities, residents pay for the rest through their subscriptions and usage fees.

For more information, visit (in Danish).

Image credit: Electric car charging space, Aarhus from Flickr by Michael Edson under CC BY 2.0.


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