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Incentives used to encourage commuters to cycle to work (the Netherlands)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
An initiative in Maastricht offers commuters financial incentives to offset the cost of buying a bicycle.
Aiming to encourage drivers to switch to more sustainable means of transport, Maastricht-Bereikbaar (Accessible Maastricht) is running a scheme where motorists who switch to electric bicycles receive financial incentives designed to offset the cost of buying. For every kilometre travelled by e-bike, participants will receive ten cents, up to a maximum of €400 per year.

Titled ‘Burn Fat Not Fuel’ the scheme is paired with a smartphone app which gives feedback on journeys, comparing aspects such as emissions and money saved. The offer is open to employees of companies affiliated with Maastricht-Bereikbaar, and 500 to 600 participants are expected to take up the opportunity, cycling a total of two million kilometres.

Maastricht-Bereikbaar works with a large number of partners to keep Maastricht and the surrounding area permanently accessible. It offers products and services to enable structural changes to the behaviour of commuters, tourists and other drivers with the goal of establishing smarter and more sustainable transport.

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Photo: EdinburghCycleChic, Flickr
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