Grenoble pilots electric vehicles for end stages of journeys (France)

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 07 Oct 2014

Working in partnership with Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota and French energy company EDF, Grenoble is testing small electric vehicles (EVs) as a means to bring public transport users to their final destination.

The French city is piloting 70 EVs designed to provide passengers using long and medium range transport modes with a zero-emissions means of covering the last stage of their journey. The vehicles will complement Grenoble's existing bus, tram, car and bike-sharing networks.

The EVs are part of Toyota's Ha:mo (Harmonious Mobility) system, and the three-year pilot in Grenoble is the first time they have been used outside of Japan. The vehicles take up much less space than conventional cars, with four able to fit into a normal-sized parking space.

Toyota is also giving Grenoble use of the Ha:mo management system, which will be integrated with Grenoble's existing systems for managing public transport. Route planning tools, available through a smartphone app, will also be included, allowing Grenoble residents to plan journeys across multiple modes of transport. EDF is providing 30 charging stations for the vehicles.

The partners hope that this system will contribute to reduced traffic congestion and transport emissions. Residents of Grenoble can pre-register to receive credits, enabling them to begin using the system when it comes online in October.

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Photo: Toyota