A green bus shelter for a shopping centre in Gdañsk (Poland).

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
The initiative “Ca³a Polska Chodzi Boso” (The Whole of Poland is Walking Barefoot) aims to create green space for city dwellers. In cooperation with the Osowa Shopping Centre in Gdañsk, a bus shelter was covered with real grass.
Between 23rd May and 5th June free buses to the Osowa Shopping Centre were stopping at a bus shelter decorated with real grass. The idea was realised with the support of Parkadia” design studio. The aim of decorating the shelter in such a way was to diversify urban space, make it enjoyable, and indicate the direction of actions that can lead modern cities to a greener future. The initiative was realised in the framework of the 1st edition of the action “Ca³a Polska Chodzi Boso” (The Whole of Poland is Walking Barefoot), titled Tworzymy zielon¹ przestrzeñ!”(We are Creating Green Space).

The initiative Ca³a Polska Chodzi Boso” is the first action of this kind in the country. The project promotes balance between people, the environment, and the industry. The organisers want to reach out to all age groups of big city dwellers and promote quality of life improvement, not limiting the scope of their activities to environmental issues. In the framework of this action Green Energy Zones have also been created, special platforms covered with real grass where organisations whose activities are related to the scope of the project can present themselves.

The activities of Ca³a Polska Chodzi Boso” can be followed on Facebook (in Polish)

Source: Polskieradio (in Polish)
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