Grand Paris Express eventually finds its route (France)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
The members of Société du Grand Paris (SGP) unanimously voted for the route of the Grand Paris Express, the metro system around the French capital. This gigantic project of 175 km of automated metro lines and 72 stations, will run from 2014 until 2025, with a €20.5 billion budget.
And now we get 15 years ! said the Ile-de-France representative of State (Préfet) Daniel Canepa after the vote of the Grand Paris Express route.This unanimous vote is surprising after the fierce battle between the French State and the Paris région Ile-de-France to defend two competing projects, Arc Express and Metro Automatique du Grand Paris, put to public debate.

Shortly after being appointed City Ministry in late 2010, Maurice Leroy was able to find an agreement. Four months later, elected representatives of the SGP (local authorities and State representatives) have voted on the overall pattern of a huge project consisting of 175 km of automated metro around the capital and region to be delivered by 2025.

The Grand Paris Express will form a ring around the capital region with three automated metro lines housing 72 stations, including 57 new ones:
  • Red Line: 95 km, 40 stations, will link one suburb to another on the east side to the north of Paris This ring will provide a transport service around Paris with connections to rail lines. Deadline: 2025.
  • Blue Line : 30 km (9 km on the RATP line 14) and 6 km more to the north. 12 stations. It will link Paris, Saint Denis Pleyel (north) to Orly airport (south), and be connected to two other lines on the Grand Paris Express. Deadline: 2017.
  • Green Line : 50 km, 13 stations, including 5 new ones. It will connect Orly airport to Versailles, north Essonne and the Plateau de Saclay, protecting a vast agricultural area. The line will then be extended north to Rueil-Malmaison and Nanterre, service to the south, west and north-west of Paris. Deadline: 2025.

Additional services are:
  • Saint Denis Pleyel - Noisy Champs : it will provide a transport service north to south of Seine-Saint-Denis with a direct link. This means additional connections with RER A, E and an extended metro line 11 to the north of Paris. Deadline: 2025
  • East : Champigny - Val de Fontenay line. Deadline: 2025.
  • Extension of the near east arch, between Noisy-Champs and Saint-Denis, which may be extended later to Nanterre. Unscheduled.

Despite the significant changes made to the project in relation to the original one, the Grand Paris Express budget still amounts to €20.5 billion (excluding rolling stock). Many operations will be conducted beyond 2025 and some sections are on the surface level so it is less expensive , simply explained Marc Veron, president of SGP.

Source: Mobilicites (in English)
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