Ghent will ban most polluting cars from the city centre

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 29 Apr 2019

In April 2019, the City of Ghent in Belgium announced plans to introduce a low emission zone in the city centre. To gain access, petrol and natural gas vehicles will be required to comply with the Euro 2 norm. For diesel, vehicles must comply with Euro 5 to access the city centre. However, Ghent is differentiating access to the city centre in more detail by using a 3-category classification:

  • Green label vehicles can enter the city without any restrictions.
  • Orange label vehicles (diesel-fuelled vehicles between 9-12 years old) may temporarily enter the low emission zone under the conditions of paying an admission fee. These fees vary between €25 for a week to €345 for a year.
  • Red label vehicles are considered too old to meet the required emissions standards. Nevertheless, they can enter the low emission zone 8-times a year for a daily pass of €35.

The low emission zone is monitored by smart cameras at the entrances to the zone detecting licence plates and any car to enter the restricted zone that does not meet emission standards - or have a pass will be fined €150.

Additionally, Ghent announced a bonus scheme for car owners who change their older car in favour of a vehicle that meets the new emission standards required to enter the city centre.

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Article published first at “The Brussels Times” on 17th of April 2019

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