French postal service creates ecomobility service

By News Editor / Updated: 30 Sep 2016

French postal service La Poste has launched a new collaborative ecomobility initiative that it hopes will turn it into a leader in providing mobility solutions for public and private companies and associations.

Called Bemobi, the scheme brings together three existing La Poste subsidiaries – Greenovia,  Véhiposte and Mobigreen - that are responsible for eco-driving and fleet optimisation, car rental and driver training services, respectively.

La Poste is also adding two new collaborative mobility services to its offer – carsharing startup Mobility Green Tech, and carpooling startup WayzUp to help employees make sustainable short journeys to home and work.

‘The launch of Bemobi is an important moment for the La Poste group, which has for many years been involved in the mobility domain with its different operators,’ the director-general of La Poste’s ecomobility business unit, Frédéric Delaval, said to L’Automobile & L’Entreprise.

‘The desire of the company is to go much further, with a 360° offering which will bring new services, in view of the fact that ecomobility has now become a crucial subject for companies and their personnel.’

La Poste has formed this new initiative in response to a new French law that requires businesses with more than 100 employees on the same site to establish a mobility plan before 1 January 2018.

The objective of the law is to improve travel for employees and visitors of an institution by encouraging the use of public transport and carpooling to reduce car use. 

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Image courtesy of WayzUp.

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