Free WiFi on bus line 111 in Sofia (Bulgaria)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
On 4 June, a free wireless internet connection was introduced on the first bus line of Sofia’s public transport network. The pilot started on line 111, but other lines may also be equipped with WiFi in the future.
All buses on line 111 are equipped with wireless routers of the Vivacom telecom network. Passengers can connect to the internet with their mobile devices including smart phones, tablets, netbooks and laptops. This allows them to use their daily travel time to work, read emails, check the news or receive network information.

Line 111 runs around the city’s beltway and due to its longer route, passengers are likely to spend more time on the bus. It was chosen for the pilot for this reason. If the pilot runs successfully, other bus lines will be equipped with wireless routers in the future to provide free internet access for public transport users.

The launch of the WiFi was reported by the Deputy Mayor of Sofia, Lyubomir Hristov. The project is part of the initiative to support Sofia's bid as European Culture Capital in 2019.

Source: Novinite

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