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Flemish bus route planner integrates Facebook and Google Streetview (Belgium)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
In a matter of a few weeks, 500 Facebook users had signed up for the new route planner of the Flemish bus operator De Lijn, allowing them to store public transport routes to their friends' houses, events and favourite places on an interactive map.
On buzzynet.be, youngsters no longer need to type in the address of their destination to plan their bus or tram trip. If they are on Facebook, they can plan their trip to their Facebook friends' places and events with just one click. It is also possible to enter and store favourite destinations, like a local cinema or bar.

Evidently, the social route planner also has a sharing functionality. If someone is going to a concert, they can share their journey with their friends, who in turn can plan their bus or tram trip to the venue. Friends have to authorise the application to access their data.

“Youngsters are a very important target group for De Lijn,” says Marketing and Communications Director Tamara De Bruecker. “Six out of ten season ticket holders are younger than 25 and youngsters are responsible for the bulk of route inquiries on the website. With our social route planner, we would like to extend their online lives to the offline world.”

Source: Press release De Lijn
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