The first hybrid trucks for goods transport hit the roads (France)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
Since the summer, a large French conveyor has begun using hybrid heavy trucks and in Lyon, Norbert Dentressangle has just received the keys of its first hybrid truck.
Associating a thermal engine and an electrical engine, the hybrid trucks make it possible to limit fuel consumption (approximately -20%) and are quieter than conventional heavy goods vehicles since it is the electrical engine which powers them at speeds between 0-20 kn/h.

In the sector of road transport, alternative energies have to take an increasingly important place. Certain conveyors or car manufacturers are preparing themselves (as is Renault Trucks for example which proposes electric, hybrid or NGV Clean Tech vehicles).

Norbert Dentressangle, owner of the largest fleet of heavy lorries in Europe and market leader in this sector, have taken the first step in reducing the environmental impact of its trucks. The hybrid vehicles used, Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech 4x2 of 310 ch and 19 tons, are intended for the transport of urban and perish-urban distribution and will be used in Lyon and Paris. The Carrefour group, which will be the happy consignee of the first vehicle in the Paris region, will count on this technology to reduce the environmental impact of its supply chain. A third hybrid vehicle of Renault Trucks will be brought into service this autumn in Great Britain.

Photo : Norbert Dentressangle
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