First bus for rapid transit in the Paris region (France)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
T Zen, the first bus for rapid transit (BRT) in the Paris region, will link two suburban train stations from next July. Four more BRT lines in the region are planned for the coming years.
Sophie Mougard, general manager of the Ile-de-France transport regional authority (Stif) said during the presentation of the T Zen: We first had to convince local elected members that we could not afford a tram.

The new line will serve the University of Sénart (2.500 students), a big shopping centre, a future business and housing (100 000 inhab.) area which is currently a golf course. It will be 14.7 km long, have 14 stations and cost €82 million, including the brand new maintenance centre. The operating costs are estimated at €5 millions per year. The cost of the 12 BRT vehicles (Crealis, manufactured by the Italian Irisbus Iveco ) amounts to €4 million. Six thousand passengers per day are expected on the new line.

The new service will operate every 7 minutes, from 5am to midnight, 7 days a week. BRT guarantees high punctuality through dedicated lanes and priority at crossroads. The service provider will be Veolia Transdev.

During the presentation of T Zen Sophie Mougard said: It has all the advantages of the tram, the same frequency for instance, without the disadvantages of the price because the operating costs are two to three times cheaper than a tram, and the vehicles are also three times cheaper than a tram.

Source: Mobilicites (in French & English)
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