First bike-sharing system set for Malta

By News Editor / Updated: 04 Nov 2016

Malta is launching its first bike-sharing system next month to encourage citizens and tourists to cycle around the island nation.

Nextbike is installing the system, which will offer 53 bike stations – spaced around 400 metres apart - in 10 different areas. Customers will also be able to make use of a small number of electric bikes.

A free mobile app allows users to see the nearest bike stations and the number of bikes available at each.

Customers are charged in 30-minute blocks; however, there are also annual membership options that allow people to make unlimited trips using the bikes.

‘We hope to achieve a modal shift in the way people think, and to have a direct impact on the problems of parking and congestion,' a Nextbike spokesman told the Times of Malta.

'This isn’t only for residents and tourists: we also have a number of employers who are buying memberships for their employees to allow them to come to work by bike.'

Nextbike is also sponsoring free cycling classes with trained instructors, to help people overcome any fears they may have over using bikes on Malta’s often-busy roads.

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Image: Nextbike Malta

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