Fast charging station in Tallinn (Estonia)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
A new charging station in Tallinn offers a fast charging facility and the possibility to pay via a mobile phone.
Schneider Electric, a specialist in energy management, and EMT, a telephone operator in Estonia, inaugurated the reloading station, located near the port of Tallinn.

The station is fairly unique since it integrates a service of payment via mobile phone with a simple reloading procedure, based on local technology. The charging facility is very fast, allowing 80% of the battery to be reloaded in less than 15 minutes. When recharging, the system will optimise the procedure according to the needs of the vehicle and the supplied energy on the network.

Via an integrated telecom device customers are informed about availability of the station and status of the recharging process. When the battery is recharged the customer gets a message via the same system. The telecom device is compatible with any mobile phone operator. Moreover, any customer with a mobile phone can use the facility without prior registering. This improves the user-friendliness of the facility.

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