Fact sheets reveal innovative mobility measures in CIVITAS ECCENTRIC cities

By rswa178 / Updated: 19 Mar 2019

The full set of fact sheets chronicling the innovative mobility measures being implemented within CIVITAS ECCENTRIC are now available. The fact sheets cover the five cities involved in the project. They are Madrid (Spain); Munich (Germany), Ruse (Bulgaria), Stockholm (Sweden); and Turku (Finland). 

The fact sheets outline key details relating to each of their respective solutions, including:

  • What the solution is and what has prompted its development;
  • How the measure works;
  • How it is being or will be implemented;
  • The expected results; and
  • The business model that sits behind each measure.

The work being carried out in the five European cities spans a broad range of areas, such as walking and cycling, mobility management, urban freight, e-mobility, public transport, and transport telematics. A total of 50 measures are being implemented under CIVITAS ECCENTRIC.

Download all of the fact sheets on the CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project page under the 'fact sheets' tab.

Urban mobility planning
Public and stakeholder involvement
Walking and cycling
Clean and energy-efficient vehicles
Urban freight/city logistics
Mobility management
Traffic and demand management