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By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 16 Sep 2019
"Choose the bus" campaign of Constanta (RO)

CIVITAS PORTIS is getting ready to share the results and knowledge gained throughout the project. The project delivered innovation briefs to inspire other cities and ports. This autumn will see the intensive work on the project legacy by providing a set of transfer sessions like at this year’s CIVITAS Forum or by the peer-to-peer learning program, offering insights and experiences from the five living labs.

“Living labs” is taken literally by CIVITAS PORTIS and the five partner cities are continuing their efforts to provide well-tested and proven innovative measures;

  1. Aberdeen is preparing measures for the bus stop of the future,
  2. Antwerp is successfully showcasing its integrated real-time travel planner “Smart Way to Antwerp”,
  3. Constanta is testing out how to gain benefits from e-scooter sharing systems,
  4. Klaipeda is working towards intelligent traffic management for the most traffic-loaded corridors, and
  5. Trieste is basing its SUMP development on a broad-scale and participatory state-of-play analysis.

In coming months, CIVITAS PORTIS will develop transferability sheets as a recipe for cities on a variety of project measures. They’ll provide the background story, key elements for planning and implementation and what to consider in transferring them to one’s own local background.

Stay tuned and visit CIVITAS PORTIS at the CIVITAS Forum in Graz!

You can access the newsletter using the following link: CIVITAS PORTIS newsletter.

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