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Experiment on electric cars in French supermarkets (France)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
U, a French supermarket chain, has launched an experiment to investigate customer appraisal of offering electric cars for sale or rent.
The supermarket chain wants to know whether an offer of electric cars in its stores would be welcomed by customers. Therefore, commercial and leisure electric cars of Mia Electric, Nissan and Citroën have been placed in ten U-stores (Marché U, Hyper U and Super U) in France. The Mia Electric model, produced in France, is said to consume only 10 kW/h per 100 km, at a cost of only €1.

In the first instance, information will be gathered from customers on certain criteria: autonomy, reloading process, comfort etc. The test phase should be finished by the end of December. Once customers’ expectations are mapped, the consortium will start to offer electric cars across its rental points. The expected timeframe is January 2012.

U Rent, with 705 rental points and a fleet of 12,100 vehicles, considers this initiative to be a further expansion of its range. With more than 1,400 stores in rural and peri-urban areas, the company will also install charging terminals in its stores. This future offer is launched in the wake of Autolib'.

Source: L’expansion.com (in French)
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