Espoo citizens test app to help fix cycle lanes (Finland)

By News Editor / Updated: 07 Nov 2016

The city of Espoo has launched a trial where citizens use their smartphones to help local authorities identify road infrastructure that needs to be fixed.

By using their phone cameras, residents can take photographs of problems they spot while on the move and upload them online using Mapillary - an app that lets people share images and tag their geographic location. 

Once the pictures are uploaded on the map, the application blurs the face of pedestrians and car number plates to ensure privacy and security.

The city hosted a meeting last month for citizens where it presented the background of the project and demonstrated how the mobile app works.  

The trial is running until December. If successful, the city hopes that it can be used in future to help maintain cycle paths better.

‘Customers can tell us, for example, if they noticed a fallen traffic sign along their way. When we have the exact location and image, things are easy to fix,’ said Toni Korju, the infrastructure services manager at the city of Espoo.

For more information, visit (in Finnish).

Image copyright: Smartphone Photography (image on Flickr) by "Joey Guerrero", licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

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