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Environmentally friendly Christmas tree in Skanderborg (Denmark)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
The Danish municipality of Skanderborg is promoting environmentally friendly behaviour by integrating cycling and walking into daily activities and year-round events, starting with updated Christmas traditions.
Every year at Christmas, the Danish municipality of Skanderborg erects a Christmas tree in the town square. The old tradition of covering the Christmas tree on the town square with lights has become friendlier to environment. “The old bulbs have been replaced with LED-lights which consume only a fraction of the electricity of the old fashion bulbs” says Climate Coordinator Susanne Skaarup, a member of the Active Travel Network Working Group in the municipality of Skanderborg, Denmark.

Santa Claus is usually brought to the town square and the lights on the Christmas tree are switched on. This year the activies were performed by means of two exercise bikes with generators. One was ridden by Claus Leick, the Chairman of the Communities Committee for Planning and Roads, who himself is a keen cyclist.

The Municipality of Skanderborg has started to integrate walking and cycling into events and activities all year round. This move was inspired by the IEE project Trendy Travel (co-funded by STEER). A calendar of events will be created that supports sustainable mobility and energy efficiency that can be applied throughout the year, every year.

More information about the activities of Skanderborg in this URBACT project can be found at http://urbact.eu/en/projects/low-carbon-urban-environments/active-travel-network/homepage/

Picture: Mayor Jørgen Gaarde tests one of the bikes
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