Energy bikes - new national campaign for energy-efficiency (Hungary)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
As part of an energy-efficiency awareness raising campaign the Hungarian national electricity provider launched a road show with new electric bikes: contrary to standard electric bikes these bikes produce their own electricity.
When it comes to sustainable urban mobility or energy-saving measures, various information campaigns often address the public with hard-to-grasp concepts. This time, as part of the ‘Energy Purse’ energy saving programme, anyone can try out for themselves, what it really means to save or to produce energy. The energy bikes are regular bicycles which generate electricity when pedalling. The bikes are equipped with an information screen, which shows the amount of electricity generated and what that amount of electricity is enough to power.

This is part of an energy-counselling road show, in which the public is given practical advice about energy saving measures. Although the focus of the programme is on domestic energy-saving, the energy bikes are a very effective tool to show the amount of energy that is used for sustainable urban mobility. It is considerably less than turning on any household appliance.

The energy bikes road show is the latest addition to the ‘Energy Purse’ programme, which is composed of a web-based tool, an interactive energy-efficiency show room in Budapest, as well as the energy-counselling road show.

Source: MTI News (in Hungarian)
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