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Emmen and the world's first wooden bike path (The Netherlands)

By News Editor / Updated: 13 Jul 2017
Dutch Cyclepath

Wood you believe it! In Emmen, cyclists are now able to ride along the world's first wooden bike path.

Although only 60 metres long, it is made out of a new material that is intended to serve as an alternative to the asphalt and concrete normally used when constructing cycle paths. The biocomposite plates that make up the path consist of wood chips and bio resin. These are in turn held together by a binding agent.

The path is divided into four different sections, and each of these has its own biocomposite composition and top layer. Over the path's two-year trial period, these will be tested to find out which combinations are resistant to wear and tear and can be navigated safely in various weather conditions.

LED lighting will also be tested near the route. Smart sensors will change the colour and intensity of the light in an attempt to find the best combination for safety purposes.

To find out more, visit biobasedeconomy.nl (in Dutch).

To see a report from a local TV station on the path, visit tvgids.nl (in Dutch).

Image credit: Schaduw op het fietspad by E. Dronkert from Flickr under CC BY 2.0.

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