Eltis sets challenge to reach 2,000 Friends of Eltis by end of April

By Sarah Martens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
Last week the Friends of Eltis service welcomed its 1,900th member. Eltis challenges its readers to bring the number of Friends to 2,000 by the end of next month.
Last week, Marina Mihaila from the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism Bucharest registered as the 1,900th Friend of Eltis. Since the service was introduced in 2011, the number of Friends has risen steadily. It was barely half a year ago since we announced our 1,400th friend. The Eltis team invites all its readers to either register if you have not done so, or invite your co-workers and contacts to become a Friend of Eltis.

The service is completely free and has many advantages which are not available for other visitors of the website:
  • The ability to submit news items and case studies, allowing members to highlight and disseminate their own activities;
  • The opportunity to download Eltis videos and print-quality images for members' own use for free; and
  • Automatic receipt of the monthly Eltis Mobility Update - available in EN, DE, FR, IT, ES and PL.

Users also become members of the online Eltis community, allowing them to:
  • Rate Eltis case studies and videos;
  • Contact other Friends of Eltis to network, exchange experiences, set up new project consortia, etc;
  • Discuss urban mobility issues on the Eltis User Forum.

Register now, it only takes two minutes.