Electric motorcycles trialled at London police (UK)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
In order to cut fleet emissions, the London Metropolitan Police Service will trial the first electric motorcycle to be used by the service. The Met will use the bikes in its Motorcycle Tasking Team and in its BikeSafe and ScooterSafe programmes.
The Zero Dual Sport (DS) bike, manufactured by Zero Motorcycles, will be applied in two areas of the police force: the Motorcycle Tasking Team and the BikeSafe and ScooterSafe schemes.

The Motorcycle Tasking Team will use the bike at its dedicated roadside sites where education to road users is provided and correct road behaviour enforced. Throughout the BikeSafe and ScooterSafe programmes, awareness on safety issues is being raised and briefings and assessments provided in order to reduce motorcycle related accidents.

The DS bike will be tested under everyday policing conditions. Edwin Belonje, Managing Director of Zero Motorcycles Europe, told Business Green: “The Zero DS will provide them with an insight into the huge benefits of electric vehicles, including noise reduction – particularly relevant in pedestrian areas – reduced running costs as there are minimal servicing and maintenance costs associated with electric vehicles, and obviously lower fuel costs.”

Source: Lowcvp.org
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