Electric car sharing in Milan (Italy)

By News Editor / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
A new electric vehicle car sharing scheme will see the installment of 270 charging stations in Milan and the Lombardia region in Italy, facilitating the use of the innovative vehicles .
The new service aims to reduce local air pollution and noise. It is hoped that the vehicles will establish themselves as icons of Italian style.

The vehicle prototype ‘Nido’ by manufacturer Pininfarina has been developed with a view to combining ‘design for emotion’ and ‘design for function’. The focus was on low energy consumption, small size to improve the management of urban space and the use of innovative materials.

Energy provider A2A expects to install 270 public charging stations for electric vehicles in Milan and Brescia. These will come in addition to the 26 existing charging stations in Milan.

The car sharing scheme will be managed by Milan’s public transport operator ATM.

Source: Expo 2015
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