Edinburgh to introduce bus priority system to speed up journeys (United Kingdom)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
A system that will lessen traffic congestion by switching traffic lights from red to green for the Scottish capital's buses has been approved by the city council.
The system is a combination of radio signals and GPS, and will be installed on the most congested roads across the city. It will help the buses to run smoothly alongside the new tram system, and ensure ample public transport provision for citizens in Edinburgh.

When approaching traffic lights with the system installed, a radio message will be sent from the bus requesting priority. If the lights are already green, they will be held for longer and if red, the sequence will be sped up to allow the bus to complete its journey more quickly. It is expected that the system will be introduced in autumn 2014.

Other measures to improve the speed and efficiency of Edinburgh's buses include the development of ticket machines at bus stops and a smartphone application. These measures are outlined by Edinburgh City Council's Local Transport Strategy 2014-2019.

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Photo: Bhachgen, Flickr
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