EcoMobility World Festival reaches the half-way mark (Suwon, South Korea)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 07 Jan 2015

The EcoMobility World Festival in Suwon (South Korea) has been in full swing for two weeks, and has produced some startling statistics.
The Haenggung-dong neighbourhood has played host to more than 300,000 visitors, and the newly pedestrianised streets have remained almost totally car-free.

While most of the international representatives left Suwon after the conclusion of the EcoMobility Congress, which was held on 1 – 4 September, the festival continues to be packed with events and performances, as well as opportunities for residents and visitors to test out innovative ecomobile vehicles.

Local residents are enjoying the new pedestrian areas and there is a growing sentiment within the area for them to remain, as many people now use them for walking and cycling. You can keep up to date with the festival on Facebook and Twitter, or by following the festival’s blog.

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Photo source: City of Suwon

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