Drink Driving Monitor 14

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
News from across the EU on steps to further improve drink driving legislation and enforcement. The new legislation on mandatory breath testing in Ireland and the ETSC alcolock legislation barometer are also included.
Drunk drivers driving in a Member State other than the one their vehicle is registered in will be identified and prosecuted after the long-awaited approval of the Cross Border Enforcement Directive. On the 6th of July the European Parliament finally voted in favour of this piece of legislation that will allow the exchange of data between the country in which the offence is committed and the one in which the car is registered. Drink driving is listed as one of the main diffences causing death and serious injury in the EU, together with speeding, failing to wear seatbelts and failing to stop at traffic lights. Furthermore, the list has been extended to cover two other important safety-related offences: drug driving and illegal mobile phone use whilst driving.

Drink Driving Monitor 14 brings news on steps to further improve drink driving legislation and enforcement. Updates on the Cross Border Enforcement Directive and its long-awaited approval by the European Parliament on the 6th of July are presented together with the adoption of the Draft Report on Road Safety proposed by MEP Koch and the latest on TISPOL’s alcohol and drug campaign.

More information: http://www.etsc.eu/documents/Drink_Driving_Monitor_July_2011.pdf

Source: European Transport Safety Council
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