Dresden installs nest boxes along tram route to shelter local birds (Germany)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
The city is encouraging bird species to breed and keep pest levels down on local trees by fixing nest boxes to utility poles.
DVB, the public transportation operator in Dresden (Germany) has installed seven nest boxes on poles connecting the overhead wires for the city’s trams. The aim is to attract bird species which feed on the insect leafminers, which are posing a threat to the city’s horse chestnut trees.

The nest boxes are made of reinforced concrete, and were installed in an area with a high number of horse chestnut trees to maximise the impact that the visiting bird species will have. The nest boxes are expected to attract various species of tits, such as blue and great tits, but installing others to accommodate smaller birds is also on the agenda.

DVB and the city’s environmental department will be working closely together to ensure that the nest boxes are being used by birds, and that cleaning will take place to attract as many broods per year as possible. This idea demonstrates how improving biodiversity and controlling pest populations can be accomplished in creative and sustainable ways.

For more information, click here (in German).

Photo: Alexandre Delaunoy, Flickr