A cycling calendar for Bolzano (Italy)

By Benjamin Auer / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
The city of Bolzano has presented both new and established cycling initiatives in a single cycling calendar.
For several years Bolzano has been committed to reducing the presence of cars in the city by promoting bicycle use. A very successful cycling strategy has been implemented, resulting in a share of cyclists of 29%, making Bolzano one of the most cycling-friendly cities in Italy.

To keep up with residents’ expectations, the municipality has this year committed to a number of promotional activities, all brought together in a cycling calendar. The calendar was presented to the public at a press conference in collaboration with the environmental consultancy Ökoinstitut Südtirol/Alto Adige. Alongside innovative activities there is a new mascot, new pumping stations for cyclists across the city, the city’s first cycling night and CHAMP (www.champ-cycling.eu), an EU project which aims to take lessons from other cities and improve the local cycling policy. Experts from the CHAMP consortium have already visited Bolzano and evaluated the city’s cycling policy.

For the first time, all activities related to cycling have been summarised in a structured and target-focused way. This will give higher visibility and better credibility to the city’s cycling policy, and contribute to further raising the cycling modal share. More information on Bolzano’s cycling policy can be found at www.comune.bolzano.it (in Italian & German).

Source: Bejamin Auer
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