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Cycle paths and bike sharing: new funds from the Italian Ministry for the Environment

By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 13 Mar 2019

The Italian Ministry of the Environment announced the investment of 500 million euros for the construction of urban and interurban cycle paths and the promotion of bike sharing services. The fund is part of the country's Cycling General Mobility Plan, a project coordinated by the government, the regions and the Ministry of the Environment itself.

The fund is already available and fully operational: in agreement with the Regions and Municipalities, the Italian Ministry of the Environment and other competent departments have already financed more than 80 projects to support the use of bicycles as a means of sustainable mobility, including some cross-regional domestic itineraries, stretching along the Apennines in North-Western Italy and along the Ionian coast in Southern Italy, or implementing cycle paths in biggest agglomerations (such as the ring itinerary surrounding the capital city of Rome). 

One of the main objectives of the initiative is to enhance local soft mobility and to boost tourism-related activities throughout the year, by making more accessible by bike and generally with soft mobility means many regions across Italy, and all its valuable assets (parks, monuments and historical buildings, protected areas, etc.), as affirmed by Environment Minister Mr. Sergio Costa.

Within the beginning of summer 2019, several calls for proposals will be published and issued for various initiatives across the Peninsula.

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Source: Story first published by TeleAmbiente in February 2019

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