Croatia extends electric car subsidy

By News Editor / Updated: 20 Feb 2015

The Croatian government has announced that its subsidy scheme for citizens and companies to purchase electric cars will continue into next year.


Some 15.5 million Croatian kuna (€ 2 million) has been invested in the scheme, which subsidised the cost of buying more than 440 vehicles so far this year. In 2013 only 13 electric vehicles were registered in Croatia.


As well as announcing the extension of the scheme, Croatia’s Minister for the Environment Michael Zmajlović presented measures to encourage the procurement of clean and energy-efficient vehicles by local authorities. He restated the scheme’s intention to encourage people in Croatia to change their behaviour to protect the environment.


Finally, changes to vehicle registration dues mean that people registering clean vehicles will pay less than those buying new conventionally-fuelled cars.


For more information, visit (in Croatian).


Photo: maxually, Flickr

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