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Consumers Value the Integration of Digital Services within Transport Modes

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 11 Sep 2018

A recent survey conducted by Oliver Wyman of 7 500 consumers across France, Italy, Germany, the US and China highlights consumer preferences for smart transportation services.

Smart mobility services are developing every year, with future-forward apps providing digital solutions to the transport issues individuals experience on a daily basis.

In the European countries studied, 93 % of consumers ranked smart mobility as either important or very important. Amongst 18-35 year olds, 97 % of individuals who use private cars as their primary form of transport would contemplate shifting to public transport if smart mobility services were on offer. Similar opinions were displayed by the 65+ category, with 76 % of individuals willing to consider a shift to public transport to experience smart mobility.

The opposite was also true, with public transport users open to switching to the use of cars to experience the advantages of smart mobility. The survey also found that 84 % of consumers were willing to pay more for smart mobility services. On average, commuters stated that they would be willing to pay an additional 4.1 % on top of their monthly transport expenditure, to experience journey planning with multi-modal functionality. A solution respondents identified as desirable was the development of a digital service, which enables consumers to transition from one mode of transport to another with ease.

In addition, consumers valued services which provide browsing opportunities, entertainment or educational courses during travel. ​The survey results also displayed that over half of consumers were willing to provide personal information and their preferred transport modes, if they received smart digital services in return.

As smart mobility continues to thrive, the transport sector is expected to alter shape in the coming decades, driven by innovation and technological solutions.

The full news article can be viewed here.

(First issued by Forbes on 28/08/2018).

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