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Compact electric vehicle rental service develops in Lisbon

By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 13 Aug 2018

A compact electric car rental service, using Birò vehicles, is being developed in the Portguese capital Lisbon. The Birò is a 100 % electric vehicle; it is very compact, quiet and has a removable lithium battery. It was created by a private Italian start-up, called Estrima, to respond to the problems of urban mobility and first arrived in the Portuguese capital in November 2017 to facilitate the movement of people living in Lisbon. Similar fleets exist in Milan and Amsterdam. The vehicles provide an additional option for residents and tourists to travel in a more environmentally-friendly manner in Lisbon.

Until the second half of July, Birò Portugal had only four versions available: big, box, van and black limited editions. Recently, the company reinforced its fleet with the acquisition of six more vehicles, under the new project entitled "New Yellow of Lisbon". The city's old electric vehicles and well-known tramways, which are yellow, partially inspired the Italian company for the specific design of the vehicles driving in Lisbon, which are ideal for sightseeing.

Birò is currently the smallest electric vehicle on four wheels on the market (barely 174 cm long by 103 cm wide). Microelectric vehicles offer great comfort for city use, as they are allowed to circulate freely in restricted traffic areas. Amongst their strong points, they allow zero emission travel thanks to their removable lithium battery and they ensure riders can easily find a parking space, since they can also stop in the spaces reserved for scooters. Any Birò electric vehicle opens and activates with a specific card that can be kept in a wallet. 

Birò is approved for two people and has two seats side by side, but minors cannot carry passengers. All vehicles will be equipped with walkie talkies, which will be handled by the co-pilots.

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Source: Story first published in July by Nit.pt

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