Community sustainable mobility prize fund launched (Ireland)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 22 Oct 2014

A sustainable mobility project in Limerick has launched a prize fund to encourage communities to design creative and effective travel actions to reduce car use in the city.

The Big Travel Action Challenge fund, organised by Limerick Smarter Travel, is offering groups and individuals up to a total of € 15 000 in prize money to think of sustainable travel solutions for the Irish city.

The 10-month challenge is composed of two stages. The first is to create a Community Travel Plan that raises awareness, increases active travel and proposes alternatives to single-occupancy car use. The winning travel plan will receive € 5 000.

The second is the Community Travel Challenge, which calls on households to think of ways to incorporate sustainable travel in their daily lives. The winning travel action will engage the household, be relatively inexpensive and have the potential to be scaled-up, in order for it to be repeated in other households.

Project co-ordinator Miriam O’Donoghue said: ‘We are being offered the resources and support needed to help us affect change in our city. This change is essential if we are to establish healthier and more sustainable households and communities.’

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Photo: Limerick Smarter Travel

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