CIVITAS Insights 11 and 12 published

By Fred Dotter / Updated: 06 Jun 2016

The 11th and 12th editions of the CIVITAS Insights series have just been published, giving a detailed look at long-term evaluation and integrated ticketing and fare policies for public transport.

All the Insights are currently available from the CIVITAS Website's Key Publications page. Since 2002 the CIVITAS Initiative has developed and implemented more than 800 technical and policy-based urban transport measures. Evaluations of the impact and implementation of these measures give valuable lessons for other cities.

CIVITAS offers mobility professionals working for and in cities numerous examples of successful measures that give substance to the transition towards cleaner and better urban transport. This includes policies and practices as well as administrative arrangements, institutions, and ideas.

CIVITAS has demonstrated that good personal contacts and interactions facilitate knowledge transfer. Furthermore, effective transfer requires the right setting for a potential transfer of ideas and results to take place, achieving a deeper level of learning and understanding.

Additionally, people are more willing to use sustainable travel options that offer better value and are more convenient. Integrated public transport ticketing and fair tariffs can help to overcome perceived and objective barriers.

Facilitating the combination of modes by making ticketing systems as easy to use as possible is proven to increase the attractiveness of public transport. This is known as integrated ticketing. It is an important component of the broader concept of integrated transport, which aims to make interchanges between modes and operators as effortless as possible.

This would not only provide travellers with a wide range of travel options but also make transport systems more efficient and interconnected as a whole, making better use of existing capacity and reducing over-investment in competing modes of transport.

Download and read the 11th and 12th CIVITAS Insights, or access all published and forthcoming Insights on the Key Publications page. Have you been inspired by what you've read in an Insight? Then join the discussion in on CIVITAS Interactive.

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