CIVITAS Initiative offers new training opportunities

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 05 Apr 2016

A new programme of training opportunities from the CIVITAS Initiative has just been released.

The programme details the content of the range of online courses and in-person trainings produced by CIVITAS over the next six months, with information on the experts who will contribute, dates, and locations for trainings.

CIVITAS is developing a suite of online courses designed to give mobility professionals a solid foundation of knowledge of topics such as mobility management, sustainable urban mobility planning, and bike sharing.

In-person trainings are also planned, often back-to-back with other major urban mobility or sustainable development events.

Three trainings are planned in April 2016 alone, on designing effective cycling projects and measures, inclusive and shared mobility, and urban freight in the context of sustainable cities.

The CIVITAS Placement programme is still open for applications, offering transport and urban planning professionals in CIVITAS Forum Network cities the opportunity to visit their peers in other European cities and learn from their experiences.

Participants in the placements develop a portfolio of all their experiences and lessons learned from, and describe how they will apply their new knowledge in their own context.

For more information, visit the CIVITAS Learning Centre or download the programme of training opportunities.


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