City Bike” in Poznan next year (Poland)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
The municipality of Poznan is about to appoint a company to set up seven self-service bike hire points in the city.
The awarding process for the Poznan “City bike” is in its final stage. The winner of the tender is a company known for establishing a bike hire system in Wrocraw in south Poland. Until 22 November tenderers are within their statutory rights to appeal against the decision.

The rental points in Poznan, a city with 550,000 inhabitants in west Poland, will offer about 160 bikes at a cost of about €150,000 for each point. The launch of the new bike hiring system is expected in mid-2012.

Bikes will be free of charge for the first twenty minutes of hire, then payable. This is same system that operates in Wrocraw. Revenues will be made from 1 square metre of advertising space on each bike, which will contribute to the low system fees.

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