Cities increasingly turning to electric buses – report

By News Editor / Updated: 25 Jan 2017

More and more cities in Europe and around the world are turning to electric buses in an effort to go green and reduce pollution.

The ZeEUS eBus Report, published as part of the EU-funded Zero Emission Urban Bus System project, reveals that 19 public transport operators and authorities, covering around 25 European cities, have published an e-bus strategy for 2020.

By this date, there should be more than 2 500 electric buses operating in these cities, representing 6 per cent of their total fleet of 40 000.

Meanwhile, more than 13 public transport operators and authorities in a further 18 European cities have a strategy up to 2025; by then, they are expected to have more than 6 100 electric buses in service, representing 43 per cent of their total fleet of 14 000.

The Report also includes a market analysis conducted among bus manufacturers, which illustrates that a European series production of electric buses should reach full maturity by 2018-2020.

These developments all bode well for the uptake of fully electric buses in the near future, since demand and supply are now beginning to converge.

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