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This Christmas Santa Claus delivers presents by bicycle (Romania)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
This year Santa Claus will leave his reindeer-pulled sleigh at home and deliver presents by bicycle. This sudden change of transport mode is due not to the change in weather conditions but to an intention to raise awareness of the benefits of cycling among children of all ages.
This December, the Prociclism Association, based in the Romanian capital Bucharest, hopes to challenge our image of Santa Claus and associate it with bike use, through a cycling event. The event, which is in its fifth year and becoming a real Christmas tradition, took place on Sunday the 18th of December. Everyone was invited to participate; the only condition was to wear a Santa suit and to ride a bike. The route included parks in Bucharest, enabling the bicycle-riding Santas to stop and share candy and small presents with children.

Cyclists were grouped into teams of 20-25 Santas, each with an experienced leader from the association, due to static time at traffic lights. Bicycle-riding Santas complied with all traffic rules, setting an example of how to behave in traffic and how to take care of bikes.

Each year, the number of Santas has grown considerably. This year the organisers expected around 300 Santas. Similar events will take place in other Romanian cities, including Constanta, Cluj Napoca and Iasi.

Source: bike-events.ro (in Romanian)
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