Bus stop real time displays in Silesian region next year (Poland)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
In the first quarter of 2013, 72 stops throughout the industrial region of Silesia in south Poland will be equipped with real time bus departure boards. The winner of the tender will carry out the project for about €1.75 million.
The project, implemented by Silesian Transport Authority under the name “Dynamic Passenger Information System” (SDIP), will cover bus stops in six cities of the metropolis, providing departure information for 33 bus lines. A contract was signed with the winner of the tender, the company Asseco Poland, in January 2012. Asseco Poland will be responsible for the design, delivery, implementation and maintenance of the SDIP system in Silesia for the next five years.

The operating lines controlled by the SDIP will be equipped with satellite locator for continuous tracking by the GPS system, in order to provide the public waiting at the stops with exact information about their journey in real time. For the moment, the displays will be implemented in four main passageways of Silesia. If the system meets expectations, it will be applied in the entire agglomeration.

A similar system with electronic departure boards is already operating in some Silesian cities. This has been met with the approval of passengers, who consider it to be convenient, innovative and aesthetic. However, passengers sometimes complain about the precision of the displayed departure times, which sporadically adjust at the last moment.

Source and more information: http://www.portalsamorzadowy.pl (in Polish)
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