Brussels reaches out to public for mobility plan feedback (Belgium)

By News Editor / Updated: 20 Mar 2017

The city of Brussels last month launched the process of citizen participation in the development of the region’s mobility plan.

The Brussels regional mobility plan provides specific details for the implementation of major mobility actions set out in the regional sustainable development plan.

Its main objectives are to reduce the pressure of incoming and outgoing traffic in Brussels by 20 per cent, create 25 000 parking spaces and increase intra-city travel with public transport.

To define the general orientation of the regional mobility plan, the Brussels minister for mobility, Pascal Smet, launched a website,, to encourage the people of Brussels to express themselves on the current mobility situation in the city.

In particular, Smet hopes to mobilise the younger generation into having a say on the future mobility of Brussels.

‘This “Erasmus” generation is used to travelling, and for them obtaining a driver's license is not a symbol of success,’ he said.

The website is open for feedback until October 2017. But if the initiative proves popular, the period may be extended.

The local government aims to prepare a first draft of the plan in 2018.

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