Brussels grants free parking to shared cars (Belgium)

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 07 Oct 2014

Vehicles from car-sharing companies Cambio CarSharing and Zen Car will be exempt from parking charges in the Belgian capital from September.

Drivers of the two shared-car providers will receive free parking in green and grey parking zones throughout the city. For orange and red zones there will be no such exemption, and the same rules for payment and parking time will apply. 

However, a spokesperson for the regional parking agency stated that these restrictions only applied to 'a minimal number of streets' in Brussels.

Instead of their customers pay for parking, Cambio and Zen must instead pay a charge of € 5 per vehicle per year to the city.

Emily Muhr, a spokesperson for Cambio, said that the company was pleased with the decision. 'It's an advantage for our customers to not have to pay parking tickets, and it reduces administration for us.'

For more information, visit (in Dutch) or (in French).


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