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Bremen inaugurates first bicycle barometer (Germany)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
A 25% cycling mode share makes Bremen a “champion” cycling city and the cycling capital in Germany for cities of over 500,000. A newly installed bicycle barometer is another step the city is taking to raise further awareness of cycling and to highlight its importance as a daily transport mode.
Following the official opening of the bicycle street “Wachmannstrasse” in early September, on the 21st September 2011 the first bicycle barometer in Bremen was inaugurated by Dr Joachim Lohse, Senator for Environment. It marks a further step Bremen is taking to improve the infrastructure for non-motorised traffic and to further increase the cycling share in the city. The bicycle barometer, located on the Wilhelm Kaisen Bridge, is the first of eight bicycle counters the city is planning to install in the coming months (the Wilhelm Kaisen counter will be the only one with a digital display).

The counter collects data for different time frames (hour, day, month, year) through loops under the pavement. The data are automatically displayed and later analysed to determine the development of cycling in the city. The information is also transmitted to the traffic management centre.

But there is more to the bicycle barometer than just counting cyclists: it raises awareness of the number of cyclists in Bremen and motivates those who do not cycle yet, to try it out. The city is eager to demonstrate to cyclists the importance of their means of transport, combined with a thank you for their contribution to environmental protection.

Bremen installed this bicycle barometer within the framework of the IEE STEER project PRESTO; it is the first city in Germany to do so, following other European cycling cities such as Odense, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Örebro and Apeldoorn, who already have such counters in place.

Photo: Hannah Grundey
Source: Press release city of Bremen (in German)
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