Bratislava Bus Company cuts service (Slovakia)

By News Editor / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
On the heels of recent tariff hikes, Bratislava’s public bus service will now cut the frequency of its service in order to stem expected financial losses this year.
The new management of the Slovakian capital’s bus company DPB announced back in July that the firm could make a loss of around €12 million this year. The latest cut in services aims at reducing this deficit by almost half.

By way of consolation, the management said they would try to reduce line frequency rather than cancel routes.

The company presented a plan to Bratislava City Hall calling for a cut in the number of bus kilometres by an amazing 1.5 million km by the end of 2011. With City Hall’s agreement, the company hopes to stabilise its financial situation.

Source: The Daily (in English)
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