Braga students create accessibility map (Portugal)

By News Editor / Updated: 07 Dec 2015

A group of students from Braga has created a free map showing how people with reduced mobility can best navigate the Portuguese city and its sights.

The map was created by students studying a tourism course at Escola Profissional Profitecla, a local vocational school. It was presented to the city council to mark the International Day of People with Disability on 3 December.

Hugo Sá, the course co-ordinator, said that the idea came from their contact with the Portuguese Disabled Association, which is committed to greater visibility and opportunities for people with disabilities.

‘From this direct contact came the challenge of thinking of creating a map without barriers. We show students that there are those in the region who believe in their ideas and will help them materialise,’ he said.

The city praised the development of the map, saying it was another step in affirming Braga as an inclusive and accessible city for tourists and residents.

‘It is important for students to realise opportunities that arise with the increase of visitors and development of the tourism sector in the municipality, and succeed with new and creative ideas to fill the gaps that exist,’ city official Antonio Barroso said.

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Image copyright: Disabled (image on Flickr) by Herr Olsen, licenced under CC BY-NC 2.0.

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