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Bike at work campaign promotes the use of bicycles instead of company cars (Finland)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
Valonia Service Centre for Sustainable Development and Energy of Southwest Finland has launched a new campaign to promote the idea of using bikes for short trips made during the workday instead of using the company car, taxi or private car.
Participation in the campaign is easy. Companies, organisations and governmental departments in Southwest Finland can now borrow a bike for a month to use in daily work tasks that require moving from place to place. Workplaces can test how the “company bike” works instead of a company car or other motorised vehicle. The cycle loan costs nothing but the workplaces will have the option to make voluntary donations to support activities in local children’s homes.

Besides the bike, the workplace will receive a free consultation on sustainable mobility and an info event for employees. During the month, staff will be advised and encouraged to use more environmentally friendly modes of transport. The consultation will include a survey on the transport modes currently used at the workplaces. The facilities and parking places in the workplace will be also mapped. Participating workplaces will therefore gain valuable information about the ways in which employees move around. This will assist them in starting a discussion about how to improve the prerequisites for cycle uptake, taking into account the specific needs and wishes of staff.

The campaign and the bikes are highly visible in the media and on the streets. Workplaces can choose from five bikes that have been customised and decorated by five local artists, making them easily recognisable. During the campaign, different events will be organised on the streets. The campaign will be actively promoted through social media, the local press, radio and other channels. Participants will be invited to share their experiences on the campaign’s Facebook page and to be interviewed for local media.

The campaign runs from May to October 2012. The main aim is to help people to gain positive experiences of cycling and new insights into cycling.

Source: VALONIA (in Finnish)
More information: http://www.facebook.com/tyopyoraile (in Finnish)
Picture source: Valonia
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