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Bicycle Festival: promoting cycling through music (Spain)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
A festival to celebrate the bicycle has been held in Madrid. The official motto of the Bicycle Festival is “The Festibal with a B like bicycle: A festival to celebrate the most efficient, clean and entertaining transport means”.
The festival took place in the Matadero, a cultural meeting point in Madrid, at the beginning of November. The idea was to organise a party for everybody with all kinds of music and a variety of activities throughout the day.

A bicycle-picnic, at which a documentary film on society’s addiction to the private car was screened, created a space for reflection. Participatory round tables provided an opportunity to share knowledge on sustainable mobility. People coming on bicycles could get advice on how to maintain their vehicle and those coming without bicycles could hire one to try this transport means. An exhibition on bicycles and mountain bikes was also installed in the Matadero and a bicycle-polo game was organised.

Source: Matadero Madrid (in Spanish)
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