Belgrade to receive new electric buses (Serbia)

By News Editor / Updated: 05 Jul 2016

The city of Belgrade has reached an agreement for the delivery of five new low-floor electric buses that are expected to reach the Serbian capital this summer.

Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali signed the contract late last month with public transport operator GSP Belgrade and Bulgarian e-bus supplier Chariot Motors.

The e-buses are the first of their kind to enter into service in the city. Mali hailed the the purchase as a new page in the history of the city’s transport.

The e-buses will be delivered 150 days from the signing of the agreement.  

‘This is part of our program and plan for the consolidation of public transport,’ said Deputy Mayor Borko Milosavljevic.

‘But [it also signals] progress because [the buses being delivered are] absolutely environmentally friendly. Thus Belgrade becomes a part of a small number of cities around the world that use electric buses.' 

Currently, about 700 buses a day operate on the streets of Belgrade, consuming hundreds of thousands of litres of fuel, Milosavljevic added.  

‘By ​​purchasing electric buses [we are helping to] solve environmental problems, as there are no harmful emissions.’ 

For more information, visit (in Bulgarian).

Image: Chariot Motors

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