B-Track-B aims to push bicycle culture forward

By Alexandra Rodrigues / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
The European project B-Track-B (Bike-the-Track-Track-the-Bike) will demonstrate how modern technology can be used to get more people cycling during an event on Friday 25 October 2013 in Lisbon (Portugal). Participants will learn about new cycling technologies and methods to encourage behavioural change, and will have the opportunity to become a partner of the project.

B-Track-B aims to promote cycling among families as a fun, sustainable, and healthy transport mode. The project combines social marketing, behavioural change and modern technologies to get more people cycling, reaching out to groups that may be neglected by conventional cycling promotion. Through the project, virtual and real ‘checkpoints’ will be set up across cities to promote, reward and encourage families to cycle more.

The event is free of charge but registration is mandatory. Please send applications to btrackb@tis.pt by 17 October 2013. Late registrations will not be accepted.

For more information, consult the event programme.

Photo source: bilobicles bag, Foter.com
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